Pavones, Costa Rica

About Us

We have been traveling to, and living in Pavones, Costa Rica for over 20 years and have extensive insights into the community of Pavones, Costa Rica.  We decided to create this site as a travel resource to Pavones, Costa Rica, to help you plan your next surfing vacation to Pavones, Costa Rica.

How I Got Started

I learned about Pavones, Costa Rica when I happened to read an article in one of the surfing magazines discussing the discovery of the longest left point break in Central America.  My imagination was peaked, and I had to come visit.  I’ve been coming back ever since, finally moving down in 2010.

Help Us Make This Site Better

This site is currently under construction, and we need your help to make this the premier resource for travel information to Pavones, Costa Rica.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions you may have about Pavones, Costa Rica.